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  Semrush Group Buy only $5/month

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We offer the semrush group buy, first you need to read :

  1. Account type:sharing of accounts.  multiple users can use the accounts
  2. How do I get access:We will provide a Portable Firefox browser with the login details of the purchased accounts already saved inside the browser. You just need to download, unzip and open the browser and all the accounts that you have purchased would automatically get logged in from that browser. and some groupbuy account we will provide  the account and password.
  3. Do you support all operating systems: The Firefox Portable provided by us do not work natively on any other Operating System except Windows. For non-Windows users, we provide remote access to a Windows server (SSD based with 24GB RAM) containing the tools which you can connect using RDP. Microsoft RDP App is available for free on the Mac App Store here. Some of our customers have been able to make our Firefox Portable work on other Operating Systems by using Wine Bottler (free) or Parallels. But we do not guarantee or support the same though you might try if you wish. Unless you use Windows OS or you are fine with RDP access to a Windows server, we would not recommend purchasing our group buy. We do not provide a refund for any purchases once the order delivery/access is provided.
  4. What are you support details:1. skype supprots : tonyduke10

2.Email support

5. Are there any limitations in the accounts:  Yes, there are limitations to some of the SEO tools. We block bulk features such as APIs, OpenApps etc. in some of the SEO tools too in order to prevent abuse. All these accounts are shared group buy accounts and are meant mainly for light to medium usage. We would not allow any single customer to abuse the account resulting problems for the rest of the customers. For normal users, these accounts work perfectly fine. For example, we block the bulk checker in the case of Majestic and we have daily or monthly limits for each customer in the case of some SEO tools. However, those tools have daily limits themselves due to which we are forced to keep a daily limit on our end too.

6.  Can I share seo tools with others : of course it can not share with others,We have a very strict monitoring of accounts and will ban you forever if you share our group buy accounts.

Why to choose semrush?

1. Semrush will analyze what is working for your competitors
As you know, it’s important to learn how to drive traffic to your websites. And one of the best ways to drive traffic is through SEO or search engine optimization. And SEMrush help me to analyze what’s working for my competitors.

2. Semrush will give you the best keyword
if you attempts to discover what keywords we should emphasize on a given page to help search engines know what’s important about the page and rank it appropriately in search results. If the top 30 ranking pages in Google all use a common set of search phrases, which of those phrases receive the most search volume?

3. Adword , bing ad, someother keyword adversting

If you’re doing a bidding ad, you definitely need semrush, and it can give you some really good keywords to make your ROI better


only $10


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