2018 Adplexity group buy

  Adplexity (mobile,native,desktop,adult) Group Buy only $20/month


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Before you jion adplexity group buy, I think you need to know the  adplexity features. Let us have the detail review of Adplexity.


Also I share the adplexity coupon code with you:



TONY2018_N for Adplexity Native: minus 80 USD (before $249 now $169)


TONY2018_M for Adplexity Mobile: minus 50 USD (before $199 now $149)


TONY2018_D for Adplexity Desktop: minus 50 USD (before $199 now $149)


TONY2018_A for Adplexity Adult: minus 50 USD (before $199 now $149)



Adplexity Review of Features:


1. Download landing pages, you can find so many landing pages and download it, Clicking on the landing page snippet and you will see the “download the landing page”, then you can use the code editor to change up the landing page and upload it to your server.

2.  you can see which ad recevied most traffic,so you can spy the best ad quickly, these ads images are really catchy and creative images, you can use these images to come up with your own ideas. 3. you can Use keyword search : for example if you are searching for dating, you can type in dating then it will appear all dating landing page. Try to brainstorm which common words would be on 99% of the landing pages in your niche.   4. you can choose ad type, country, traffic source, device type, language, affiliate network, size, tracking tool.   Ad Type:  there are various ad types such as pop, redirect, mobile web, in-app, text etc. Country:  you can see the landing pages in particular country, you can see that. Traffic Source: you can filter out the landing page basis the traffic source, for example: propellerads, popads, popcash,zeropark, airpush, adcash. Tracking Tool: Click this option you can see  the most used tracker such as :Voluum, iMobiTrax. Search by Affiliate Network: I think you can find the affiliate network that you run, I am running the offers of clickdealer. you can see the network like :yeahmobi, appflood, mobvista, mobusi, mundo media.     Adplexity has a very simple and easy to use interface, if you are looking for a spy tool, I think it is the best one, if you need to jion group buy adplexity, please add my skype: tonyduke10.

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