Amazon Authority Website Journey to € 1000 a Day – 100% Outsourced

Okey guys it’s time to bank. I already have 10 websites in few niches and I’m banking with Amazon an average of 50 a day per site, but not quite so with this journey I will show you how it’s possible earn 1000 euro a day with Amazon and with a single Authority website. I’ve never built an Amazon authority website, but I’ve big and detailed editorial plan and I’ve good knowledge of Seo.

NOTE: The worst part of all journeys that I have found is that you have to scroll through several pages of content before find relevant informations, this is why I introduced the FAQ section, which is a menu of relevant informations shared in this journey. I’m sure this will make you save a lot of precious time :)

The website I’m using for this journey is 2 months old and actually ranks in first and second page for 190+ keywords. I did basic on-page Seo optimization and really light off-page (we’re speaking about 5 guest posts and few pointless directory submission, only to contextualize the topic/theme of the site).
The key of my strategy is keyword research! I’m using SemRush to find low competition commercial keywords with al least 480 searches per month and since this keywords are easy my contents are ranking for many long tails (as you can see from screenshot).

Editorial Plan
Atm I’ve 70 fresh articles that have been written by freelancer copywriters in past weeks.
My plan is to publish from 100 to 200 fresh contents a month, in this way I can target a lot of easy and profitable keywords!

Since the first day I have never written an article, so it’s all 100% Outsourced. Actually I pay 2 copywriters.


From February to April I had really low traffic (and it’s normal and calculated because I made really light Seo optimization) but from May I’m on an average of 100 visits from Google a day and this is going to increase exponentially with new content!


Actually, with this website I earned near €190 from mid-February and I expect to reach my goal of 1K a day in 1 year!
I know it sounds surreal but you know that Seo is a long term process but in the end pays a lot.
I’ve a lot of experience in this field and all the sites I’m actually earning with have very little content (less than 50 pages) and are earning € 50 a day!

So, I think that near 2000 targeted articles I will reach my goal.

Actually I earned € 190 from 2500 unique visits from Google and if the conversion rate will be the same in the future, I need 12.000 unique a day from Google to make € 1000 a day!

Day 1
1) Today I need to find 2 other copywriter to speed up writing work and reach total of 4 copywriters that can write at least 30 articles a month each.
2) Need to make keyword research and write 60 article’s titles to give to copywriters as guide for the work.

Let’s Do It!

Day 2
Google Traffic: 124 UV
Earnings: € 12,62
Total Articles: 80


I think that talk about earnings is still early because I need to publish many more articles before I can reach a significant traffic. Today the site is top first 20 results for 219 kewords, really good signal (+24 keywords than yesterday).
Today I created 60 titles for articles by Keyword Research and I’m sending it to 2 new copywriters and hope they can give me in total 5/6 articles a day.

2. Long Tail Case Study

Long tail is the best way to get targeted and high conversion traffic. I published a review content about one product on May 5 and after only 6 visits from Google today I get 1 sale of this product.
It is a small number of visits but I’m able to provide content with exactly what users want, this means have really high conversion rate (16% from site and 33% from only 3 clicks on Amazon’s product page).

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